sponsorship terms and conditions

Sponsor Agreement

Completion of the sponsor agreement form does not confirm acceptance of offer. Event Organisers reserve the right to determine which applications are accepted. All sponsorships will be confirmed in writing by Ozpipe 2024 Organisers, Iceberg Events.


  • All payments must be received by the invoice due date. Failure to comply with payment terms may result in the sponsor not receiving full benefits as outlined in the package.
  • All sponsors’ benefits are conditional on receiving payment, and receiving artwork, goods etcetera in a timely manner and are subject to meeting publication deadlines.
  • Should a sponsorship benefit precede payment that benefit will no longer be available to the sponsor.


  • Notification of cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Ozpipe Organisers prior to 31 July 2024 (50% of total sponsorship will apply as a cancellation fee). Cancellations made on or after 31 July 2024 will not receive a refund.
  • The sponsor and/or exhibitor shall not be entitled to any refund in the event of cancellation of the sponsorship because of industrial action, blackouts or any cause outside the control of the Ozpipe 2024 Organisers.

Exhibition Booth Allocation

  • All exhibition booths will be allocated by level of investment and then on a “first come, first served” basis taking in account the sponsor/exhibitors preference noted on the Sponsorship Agreement Form. 
  • The Event Organiser has the exclusive right to allocate exhibition booths available to the exhibitor and may alter the exhibition, should it prove necessary. The exhibitor’s wishes will be considered as far as possible.
  • The final exhibition floor plan may vary resulting in trade display position changes from the original floor plan due to updated floor plans.


  • Exhibitors must have current public liability insurance cover for their booth.
  • Exhibitors are wholly responsible for the security and safekeeping of items and staff at their booths.
  • Exhibitors will be responsible for any damage to the walls or the floor of the building occupied by the booth.
  • Exhibitors will be responsible for any loss or damage to the booth, partitions, electrical fittings, and lights provided for the exhibitor.
  • The offering and distribution of promotional materials may only take place within the immediate vicinity of booths, except where expressly permitted.
  • Participation is entirely at the exhibitors’ risk. The exhibitor indemnifies the Ozpipe 2024 Organisers against all claims by third parties in consequence of damage caused by the exhibitor during the exhibition.

Ozpipe 2024 Organisers

  • Ozpipe 2024 Organisers may postpone or amend the time the exhibition will be held to a more suitable time.
  • Ozpipe 2024 Organisers shall not be held liable for any losses, damage, or injuries caused except in cases of demonstrated negligence.


  • No barista or coffee machines are allowed at individual booths in the exhibition area (excluding arrangements made for the coffee cart sponsor).
  • Exhibitors cannot provide any hot beverages to the Ozpipe 2024 attendees (excluding arrangements made for the coffee cart sponsor).

Liability Waiver

In the event of industrial disruptions and any other circumstances that occur that mean Ozpipe 2024 cannot take place, the organisers accept no responsibility for losses incurred by Ozpipe 2024 participants, sponsors and exhibitors.

Participation in the exhibition does not imply any endorsement or approval by PIPA, and PIPA takes no responsibility in relation to the displays, products, representations or promotional material of the participants. PIPA has not assessed, endorsed or approved any display, product, representation or promotional material.