anzsom asm 2024 Organising COmmittee

Dr Miguel Kabilio

Dr Max Hills

Dr Melissa Sullivan

Dr Russell Fayers

Danielle Kabilio

Dr Thea Leman

Dr Kevin Tan

Dr Brynn Belinge

Calli Markham

Dr Karina Powers

Dr Peter Connaughton

Dr Mary Wyatt

Fiona Landgren

Maggie Goldie 


Proudly brought to you by the Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine Inc.

20 - 23 October 2024 | Event hashtag: #ANZSOMASM

Iceberg Events | PO Box 1179, Milton QLD | Phone 07 3876 4988

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land which out 2024 ASM will be held. We pay our respects to the Wajuk people and acknowledge their cultural and heritage beliefs are still important today.